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WhyAbout Us Bonnie and Bill we decided to become Full-time RVers. We needed a change. Something other than working, cleaning, fixing…

We were just tired.

Bill has been a repairman for the last 39 years, working 50+ hours a week, more during shutdown which occurred every winter.

Working 60-70 hrs a week outdoors during the winter in Northern Michigan can be rough. We’ve been married almost 40 years, raised 3 kids, cared for both our moms in our home until they passed. Rarely took a vacation.

I did a little bit of everything, from owning a flower shop for 15 years that included being a wedding planner to planting 18-20 flower gardens every spring for customers. I was also a Realtor for 5 years(hated).
Bonnie at work

My last job was my favorite, bartending! I was a bartender/DJ for the last 6 years working nights/4 days a week. The hours were hard but I loved it. I had a playlist of over 6000 songs on my iPad and had a jawbone speaker that worked great.

I would do music trivia while bartending. It was a blast, but exhausting.

Having a big empty house, now that both our moms have passed, our kids were grown, felt like this was the right time for something other than work. 

Bill would soon be 65, I was 61. We started watching YouTube videos about RV living full-time back in December 2016. We thought, maybe we could do this? Deciding to make such a drastic change was scary.

The thought of not making a change was even scarier.

No matter what we decided, we knew we wanted to be free of stuff and maintaining stuff.

I slowly began downsizing, which was overwhelming in the beginning. I would just sit and look around. I had no idea where start?

Then I would just cry!

We had a lot of stuff. Letting go of the things that held so many memories, terrified me. I tried to stay focused on the goal to keep me motivated. One drawer at a time. Literally!

There were times I thought this is never going to happen.

About Us


Motivating Bill to let go of his things was even more difficult. As time went on, it did get easier. It became freeing. I don’t know how else to describe it. It just felt good.

 After raising three kids, who by the way helped us tremendously throughout this process.

Living in a three bedroom home on 10 acres with a 40×90ft. pole barn for 20 years, we had accumulated what seemed to be a never-ending collection of memories. Spring was just around the corner, Bill and I wanted to be retired by the end of summer.

We needed to have our house ready to put on the market soon. 

In the meantime, we went to RV shows and watched every video on RV living.

By the way, we have never owned or drove or towed an RV in our life!

After months of research, we decided to look for a used fifth wheel, Mobile Suite. We also knew we wanted a used F-350 dually truck.

Retirement Dinner for Bill

Bills Retirement Dinner

We had a garage sale every weekend, not to mention the countless trips to the dump and donating truckloads of furniture to the salvation army.

The day had arrived, we were ready to put our house on the market July 7,17. It sold the next day!

We now have only 30 days to buy an RV, a truck and move out! On July 28, we purchased our 2012 Ford dually truck.

Bill finally retired on August 17, 2017.

On August 22, we bought our 2008 Select Suite in Ocala Florida.

Our RV was to be delivered to us in Northern Michigan in a few days, except Hurricane Irma hit Florida!

We had to be out of our house August 28!

So we moved into our daughter’s home in Wisconsin along with our dog, cat and all our belongings. Our RV was finally delivered to Wisconsin on Sept 28. And now the journey begins…

Bill & Bonnie

Where You Go, Go With All Your Heart – Confucius