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As a full-time RVer, you hardly have any plans of laying down your roots anytime soon. You have the freedom to travel where your heart takes you and are never required to stay in one place more than you want to. It’s cheaper than living in an actual home because you have no mortgage, no homeowner insurance, or energy bills to pay.

As such, full-time RVing allows you to save some money away every month to put into the things you love or allow it to grow for when you get out of the RVing life. Find out what money-making opportunities your lifestyle will allow you to take advantage of and make a living while traveling the world and meeting exciting new people and cultures.

Jobs for fulltime Rvers

The advancement in web technology and the growth in staffing practices like drive-in drive-out and fly-in fly-out have made it possible for RVers to make a living while living on the road full-time. According to members of the RV community, top jobs for this lifestyle include:

1. Bookkeeper/Auditor /Accountant

Being one of the leading remote work industries in the world, you’ll feel right at home as a RVer. As long as you have CPA skills, you can maintain clients in different parts of the country and schedule time to visit them and help them with their accounting books. You can come up with your own work schedule and can find clients who offer commissions or bonuses, assuring salary security and the chance to earn extra.

Don’t worry if you haven’t practiced in a while; there’re online courses to help you brush up your knowledge and skills.

Remote jobs for a CPA include:

  • Banking
  • Ledge and credit card transactions
  • Payroll
  • Budgets
  • Tax practitioner
  • Research

What is the pay range?

Accountants/ bookkeepers provide their services at an hourly rate. They usually charge between $18 and $22 an hour, but you could go higher as a freelance.

What skills will you need?

You’ll need to have graduated with an associate’s degree in accounting or any other higher qualifications in the same field. Work experience is a must. You’ll also need professional certification and proficiency in QuickBooks, Excel, and other accounting software. Some states require CPAs to have an interstate license; others do not.

2. Virtual Assistant

Do you have experience as a project coordinator, administrative, or office assistant? Can you juggle multiple tasks at once? Do you have internet connectivity? Then you could work as a virtual assistant (Vas).

What is a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants are professionals who assist their clients with administrative tasks remotely. Typical tasks for a virtual assistant include:

  • checking and answering emails
  • making phone calls,
  • preparing travel arrangements
  • scheduling appointments
  • paying bills

Virtual assistants handle mundane, repetitive tasks so their clients can focus on the core operations of his/her business.

What is the pay range for VAs?

Vas also provide their services at an hourly rate, usually between $15-$35, depending on the type of services rendered. You can join an agency or work solo and fix your own prices.

What skills will you need?

Depending on the client, you may or may not be required to have a Bachelor’s degree. If you have worked in the corporate world before, the better because you’ll seriously need to prove that you can accomplish the tasks. Knowledge of Microsoft office is also a must. Above all, you’ll need good organization and communication skills, the ability to handle multiple tasks at once, and a stellar internet connection. The good thing is, there’s no routine; you get to set your own working hours and whether to go in and work remotely.

3. Field Representative

Work as a field rep for your favorite brand. Be their boot on the ground, interact with customers, travel to stores, and set up displays. As someone who lives on the road, you’ll feel right at home. You can represent your company at specific events, meet customers, perform product demonstrations and hand out free samples.

What skills will you need?

Many field rep jobs require one to have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree (or higher qualification) in marketing, communication, business administration, or related field. If you have taken extra courses in advertising, economics or public relations, that will be great. You’ll also need superb communication and written skills, be good at forming relationships, negotiating, organizing, and time-management. You may also be required to work with retail workforce management software.

What’s the pay range?

As a field rep, you can either charge per hour or take a monthly salary. The average hourly rate is $15, while annual salaries fall in the $35,000-$65,000 range.

The advantage is you won’t need an office, no control freaks, and no micromanagement. All hours are yours; it’s up to you to schedule meetings and traveling.

Best Jobs for Full-time RVers

RV Groovin Life

4. Online teacher

Are you knowledgeable in a variety of subjects? You can take a job tutoring students in the subjects in a virtual setting. Online teaching is big now. Especially for native English speakers with ESL qualifications, there’s an increased demand for English tutors to help students in Asia and the Middle East understand the language.

What skills will you need?

Breaking into the online tutoring field is not hard. You will need to join a platform. Some platforms require a Bachelor’s degree or higher; others do not. But you’ll undoubtedly need work experience, strong organization skills, solid work ethics, and knowledge of computers and typing.

What are some of the best online tutoring platforms?

  • Brainfuse
  • PrepNow Tutoring
  • TutorMe
  • Skooli
  • Tutor.com
  • Studypool

What’s the pay range?

Online tutors are paid per hour based on qualifications and experience. Some platforms pay if you work overtime too. The pay range is between $14/hr and $22/hr. The advantage is you get to set your schedule. You can negotiate the number of hours to work, allowing yourself free time to do other jobs like freelance writing and content creation. You can also increase your working hours if you want to earn more.

5. Computer and IT jobs

With almost every workplace running on computers and other electronics now, there are various jobs you can do as an IT or computer science specialist. And what is more, you can train online. Many computer specialists are self-taught. Sites like General Assembly, Code Academy, Udemy, and Lynda.com allow computer enthusiasts to develop knowledge and skills in various aspects: software or hardware.

What jobs can you do as a computer specialist?

  • Website design and maintenance
  • Software developer
  • Data entry
  • Data security expert
  • Network support specialist
  • Train office employees to work with new software or hardware What’s the pay?

Computer specialists are either salaried employees or drive-in drive out and get paid per hour workers. The average rate per hour is $27, while the average annual salary is about $55,510. The advantage is you get to set your own schedule. You can work nights, daytime, and weekends. You can also have several clients, and you learn while on the job. Check for remote computer specialist jobs on LinkedIn, TopTal.com, Remote. co, and Flexjobs.

6. Transcription

This is one of the easiest online jobs ever, but for part-time pay only. You only need to listen to podcasts or watch videos and provide notes to go along with the content. You can also work for businesses to record meetings and phone calls.

What skills will you need?

A transcription job doesn’t require a fancy degree, just proficiency in typing, good spelling, grammar, listening, and interpreting skills. You’ll also need to be a good timekeeper to ensure you meet deadlines.

Where can you work?

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • corporate

What’s the pay?

Transcription services charge between $.60 to $1/ minute. The advantage is you choose the pace to work with. You can set any hours you want so long as you deliver the job as expected. Furthermore, you may not be required to be online full-time. Depending on the content of the audio and your typing speed, it may take a few hours to complete the job.

7. Yoga instructor

This is another great opportunity to make an income and doesn’t require an internet connection. As long as you have your yoga instructor certification. You can work anywhere, even with local studios in the towns and cities you pass through. You could even juggle between this and other jobs like transcription and online tutoring to boost your total income.

How much does a yoga instructor earn?

Yoga teaching is up there with Pilates as one of the best jobs of the decade. The hourly rate is anywhere from 48 to $70 per hour. Depending on your style, following, and experience, you can make up above $60,000 per year.

What skills do you need?

It’s easy to become a yoga instructor nowadays; there are various Yoga training studios teaching enthusiasts the concepts of Yoga. Classes cost between $10 and $25. The advantage of acquiring certification is you can advance your practice, start offering pilates lessons or become a group fitness instructor. It’s all up to you!

Best Jobs for Full-time RVers

RV Groovin Life

What would you like to do while RVing full-time?

As someone who lives in a house on wheels, the world is your oyster. You can go anywhere and do anything, most especially if you are ready to learn new things. As long as an opportunity is interesting and has the potential for good income, don’t let it pass you.

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