Can I Homeschool while RVing

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It’s also called road schooling, a kind of homeschooling where RViers teach their kids while on the road. Our world is getting more and more modern and very fast-paced. This situation has created a massive problem for families that don’t want to feel trapped in life’s daily routine.

All these families want to do is travel, experience the world, and enjoy more time with their children as they watch them grow. This change in the world has brought along massive changes that have affected the family setup.

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This situation has many families thinking and asking themselves, ‘How can I balance my children’s home and school life and, at the same time ensure they get a happy childhood?’ And more importantly, ‘How can I change my children’s traditional school program into an insightful, creative and wholesome learning experience that is student-based?’

The answer, especially for RViers, is quite simple. Think about it, and you’ll find out that homeschooling your kids while RVing is the best solution for your two most burning questions.

This method of schooling helps you create an environment where your kids get to learn through both a fixed homeschooling curriculum and also through observation. It offers you a chance to teach your kids, monitors their progress, and learn a lot from you on the most basic and essential educational topic: life.

Granted, you’ll encounter some hurdles along the way, but what your children will learn from the whole experience will be a whole lot more important than what they could ever learn in school. They’ll learn many problem-solving skills, which will ultimately guide them to become valuable, independent members of society.

Can I homeschool while RVing

RV Groovin Life

Is it legal?

No state prohibits a family from living in an RV. However, you must follow specific rules set by the government to ensure that kids live a healthy life and receive some education. It’s a mandatory obligation that you arrange doctor’s visits and ensure that your children are learning.

While some states don’t require you to report to them about your children’s academic progress, others require that your children be tested yearly and ensure that the respective authorities grade them every month. These regulations depend on which state you are in. Most RVers prefer Texas and Florida because they have more beneficial and friendly rules for homeschoolers.

What to expect

If this is the first time, you want to try RVing to throw any assumptions that you have out the window and prepare yourself for a ride in the roller coaster. Ask your children first if they are old enough.

Ask your children what they think about your RVing and homeschooling idea.

Selling your house, buying an RV, and getting on the road may not be easy for your children. Your children may not be ready to move from their childhood home and leave their community’s safety to go out into the vastness of a new world at a moment’s notice.

You should talk with your kids in advance and ask for their opinions before making any significant decisions. You could take them on a few RV trips during the holiday to help them get an idea of what they are going to expect when you all start your RVing experience.

Can I homeschool while RVing

RV Groovin Life


Learn homeschooling techniques

Look up homeschooling techniques and figure out what will probably work for both of you. The eclectic homeschooling method often works for most families; however, it would be better to assess yourself first to find ways to help them approach the learning experience more enthusiastically.

Ensure that your plan works out for you all and that they fit your schedule. Next, look for routes and cities that will be fun for your children to tour and those that are also educative.

If they say yes, take your time and give both of you time to adjust to the changes slowly easing in the homeschooling schedule. You’ll both need time to adapt to the changes. Children will need to get used to moving around quite often, and you’ll need to give them time to adjust and start enjoying the process before beginning any major homeschooling schedules.

Road schooling

Road schooling is when your child learns on the go. It can help them alleviate boredom if you challenge them to finish before you reach your next destination. You’ll then have to reward them, if they are done, by letting them play outside once you guys have arrived at your intended destination. This can be a great way to start your homeschooling classes.

Break your homeschooling program down into categories

It would help if you broke down your homeschooling programs into bite-sized chunks that your child may understand quickly. Come up with a schedule where your kids immerse themselves in some table learning and get to study through a homeschooling program in the morning and then do some liberal education in the afternoon. It would be best if you let them explore learning from a different more fun perspective like taking them to the zoo or the park.

Set aside some space for learning activities

RVers should set up a learning space to ensure that there is a dedicated area where their children can settle down and learn. Some families gather and teach their children at campsite recreational centers while others spice it up by going into the library, or even the coffee shop. The opportunities are limitless.

Learning resources

If there is one thing that homeschooling while RVing offers, it’s limitless resources and you can practically learn from anything. It could be the environment, zoos, and national parks, available libraries, the wide variety of books they have, or even the day-to-day experiences that you encounter as a family. Many families like to call this type of schooling ‘world schooling’ where everywhere is their classroom.

You could also download some pdfs for them to use on the laptop. These pdfs, combined with the massive collection of books found on apps such as kindle, would also be a great addition to your children’s learning resources.

After school learning activities

Setting aside time to do extra-curricular activities in the afternoon is an excellent way to unwind your kids. You can go for hikes, visit a museum, learn about rocks and many other exciting adventures.

When your children are out in the park, they can learn about nature and history in a fun and exciting way. There is nothing that can motivate children to learn more than just going out into the wild and experiencing life!


Road schooling can be involving

Taking care of and teaching more than two children when you have a house can be tedious, especially if they are too young to understand schedules and instructions, taking care of the same number of children in an RV home can be a nightmare.

Unless you find ways of distracting them, with TV, for example, you’ll have a hard time doing anything productive the whole time. If they are nearly the same age; however, you should look for common subjects that you can teach them together. Doing this will make your work a whole lot easier.

RVers still need to work.

Being an RVier doesn’t mean that you are on a permanent holiday. You’ll have to work almost the same as you’d do in a traditional home setting and still make time to teach and be with your kids. If you choose this kind of life, it just means that you’ll have to go with the good and the bad and accept that it’s not all roses.

Lack of a community

It can be hard not having a group of people, a community that is around you all the time. You may have friends who have homeschooled and are a part of your homeschooling community, but that doesn’t make it as comforting as having a physical community. You could look for community gatherings in areas you like, stay for a long while, and see if you like it.


Homeschooling is no walk in the park. It comes with many challenges, but with the right attitude and research, I’m sure you’ll find the best schedule that fits your family’s needs. For instance, you could join a community of homeschooling RViers like full-time families who will guide and support you.

You should also utilize online resources to help your children learn better by joining a cellular connectivity membership. The company will provide you with a cell carrier and an internet connection for better communication and internet access for your children to use for research.

It would be best if you always kept learning and adjusting your approach to ensure your children have a positive and educative experience. Learn to keep an open mind, and even though it will be a little bit hard in the beginning, your children will thank you later for the amazing memories you had as a family when they were growing up.

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