Do I Need a Washer and Dryer in My RV? {Pros and Cons}

Generally speaking, getting a washer and dryer isn’t necessary if you use your RV occasionally. However, if you’re a full-time RVer, then you might want to consider getting them.

You should weigh the pros and cons before making your decision. Consider how it’s going to affect you long term and whether it’s a necessity.

Is your RV equipped to house a washer and dryer or will you need to make modifications?

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I have listed below the Pros and Cons of owning a washer and dryer.


They can be expensive, besides the fact that getting a new dryer and washer will cost you a few bucks, it triples the cost of your winterization cost because you will have to pump so much fluid through these.

This is because, the plumbing of these washers and dryers are way up high in the fifth wheel, not down low where most of our plumbing is and belong.

It is Hard to Sometimes Find Which Combo Unit Perfectly Fits Your Rig You can’t just pick any type of washer and dryer separate unit or combo unit and slap it into your rig, this is because certain travel trailers are made for certain brands.

So before going to purchase a combo unit, make sure you know the brand your rig uses. There have been a few cases where people haven’t found the washer and dryer brand that fits.

You Might Need to Make Some Modifications What some people don’t realize is that their bedroom door isn’t wide enough to bring these washers and dryer inside.

This is another problem you might encounter besides the washer and dryer not fitting perfectly in your rig.

In cases like this, you will totally have to remove your bedroom door for you to be able to bring your unit inside.

Also, take into consideration the additional weight of the washer and dryer in your RV. Be sure not to exceed the weight limits.


It is cheaper to have your own unit and not to mention a lot more convenient. Some RV park laundry facilities I have used were in bad condition or they were on the other side of the park.

In addition, they can be crazy expensive when using these washers and dryers. The prices can range anywhere from $2.00 a load to $2.75 and the same for the dryer.

It’s also convenient to have a washer and a dryer for families with kids.

5 Top RV Washer and Dryer Brands

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