13 Things to Check Before Towing Your Fifth-Wheel

I thought I would share some things we have learned this past year of RVing full-time…

Towing a fifth wheel

  1. Never leave a cup of coffee in the microwave (Yep)
  2. Make sure all windows are closed
  3. Empty grey and black tank
  4. Check tire pressure
  5. Fill truck with fuel before the road trip
  6. Check roof before bringing in slidesOur Mobile Suite fifth wheel
  7. Put antenna down
  8. ALWAYS make sure fifth-wheel is secure to tow vehicle!
  9. Check campsite 2x before leaving (we left our water pressure gauge behind $40)
  10. All drawers and cupboards are shut tight
  11. Refrigerator locked
  12. Toilet lid down
  13. Prepare a lunch for the trip

We have had minor mishaps but nothing major. I think the most important thing is,

Not to be in a hurry! Bonnie

Mistakes happen when rushed. Take your time and check everything twice.

We also don’t like traveling over 300 miles in a day(about 4-5 hours).

Which also makes it easier if your traveling with children or pets. Otherwise, it becomes a very cranky trip. That’s almost a tank of gas/fuel for us. That gives us time to set up before dark.

By that time were pretty exhausted and hungry. 

I always make sure we have bottled water and a snack (with a packed lunch).

In our fifth-wheel, we don’t have access to the kitchen even if we pulled over. I also make sure to have a collapsible bowl and plastic bags for our dog.

A few of our road trips our GPS (iPhone) has taken us off the beaten path, only to find ourselves on a dead-end road with nowhere to turn, which may have caused a few swear words (maybe more than a few).

So we purchased a huge laminated truck drivers Atlas for backup (we bought it because it has large print), even though we use google maps for directions, we swear less, now that we have the Atlas! 🙂

Another lesson learned, Bill tries to make sure to clean the windshield just before we hit the road.

We use to overlook it until we made a few trips when it started to rain with a buggy windshield and you still have 3 hours to go!

Not good when you’re pulling a 36ft. fifth-wheel.

I liked being prepared. Don’t forget to have a first aid kit when traveling, especially when you have kiddos!

Our kids are grown, but we do travel with a kitty and a puppy.

They are very good travelers, the hardest part is putting our kitty into her carrier. Wow, does she hate that! Shes okay once she in it. We have a kennel for Maggie the puppy. which fits perfectly in the back seat.

We have enjoyed our road trips and look forward to many more.

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Enjoy your journey!

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