Pop-up campers which are also referred to as fold-out campers are camping trailers fall into a smaller, manageable package, due to its partial canvas structure.

Do Pop-up Campers Have Bathrooms

Pop-up Camper

Now, to answer the question, do pop-ups campers have bathrooms?

Believe or not some pop-up campers do have bathrooms comprising a shower. The toilet is at times a cassettes toilet or one that is in the main living pavilion area though concealed under a bedside table.

There are two kinds of pop-up camper bathrooms which are:

    1. Wet bathroom

These kinds of baths are the most popular kind. They usually comprise of a shower tray that has an in-built toilet foundation in it. These kinds of bathrooms are called “wet” because they get each of their parts wet as one is showering.

They are typically founder in smaller pop-up campers since they are marvelous space savers. It is common for them to have a hinged cover which is as well utilized as a counter or somewhere to sit.

One of the drawbacks of these types of bathrooms is that you can`t keep toiletries in it since they will get soaked.

Besides, the whole bathroom had to be wiped every time you take a shower if you want it to be usable the next time you shower.

Something else you need to be aware of is that mostly, small pop up campers do not contain a bathroom that is fully enclosed; therefore, you will have to buy a shower curtain to have some privacy as well as prevent water from spattering outside the shower.

     2. Dry Bathrooms

Contrary to its wet counterpart the dry bathrooms do not contain a toilet that is separated physically from the shower.

To be more specific, the sink, toilet, as well as shower stall are positioned in the same room, however they are not combined into one; which means that you will not wet the toilet each time you go to the shower, and you will not have to wipe down all the components of the bathroom.

They are typically installed in pop-up campers that are bigger and are not as common as the “wet: type.

The ideal thing about this kind of bathroom is that it is possible for you to hold all your toiletries in the bathroom, and since they are enclosed fully, they can be a changing room.

Besides, it is not necessary for you to purchase any shower curtains. Although these types of bathrooms are larger compared to the “wet” kind, they are still somewhat smaller than those in RV` as well as trailers.

“Dry” bathrooms offer plenty of, and if you are interested in this way of camping, then you will most probably prefer this bathroom design as compared to the “wet” one. Completely enclosed or curtained

Other than the wet or dry division bathrooms in pop up, campers can also be divided into two additional categories – curtained and surrounded. It is not easy to find out which one is better for you unless you go through the pros and cons for both and you can decide after reading it.

Do Pop-up Campers Have Bathrooms


As you have seen above, the “wet” kinds of bathrooms are the ones that will need curtains the most. They are somewhat smaller as compared to the dry ones although this has several drawbacks and among them is the curtain.

A shower curtain is quite practical although it might deem challenging to put it down and take it down each time you go to shower. On the other hand, if having a lot of space in the pop-up camper is your compelling interest then a curtained bathroom might be the ideal solution for you.

Completely enclosed bathroom

These kinds of showers are often found in the dry bathroom, and they are the nearest thing to a real bathroom that you can find in a pop-camper the design and structure of the fully enclosed showers depend on the camper, and the differences could be significant. For instance, many bathrooms are attached to physical walls which cannot be adjusted.

However, some pop-up campers’ models may contain foldable walls which can be folded when the camper is unpacked. After you have set up the camper fully, you can unfold the walls then you can have a completely enclosed bathroom. The realism of having bathroom facilities in pop up campers


As the idea of being a spotless camper would be very tempting, it is quite challenging to realize it. The major issue with showering, in this case, is how much water you will require for a proper wash.

Some of the most massive water tanks accessible have a volume, not enough for one person to shower appropriately, let alone more individuals. Although, if you require to shower having this bathroom is better than nothing.

Water heater

Not all pop-up campers have a water heater, but most do. It is always comforting to have hot water around, mostly if you are taking regular showers. The heater in the water tank heats one-third of the total showering water typically. The disadvantage is that it is quite heavy and the room it uses could be used for storage.

However, if you require some additional storage; you do have your tow vehicle or car for extra storage space.


This is the most used part of the bathroom. The system of the toilet utilizes water from the tank to flush down waste inside the cassette container. Afterward, you can take out the cassette and throw away the waste.

Do Pop-up Campers Have Bathrooms

What you should know before buying a pop-up camper:

They can get hot!

Pop-up campers are lightweight primarily because they are not insulated, they have thin walls. You might consider a portable compact A/C unit if your camper has space. Because of the thin walls, it can get cold even in warm climates, having a small space heater to keep you warm on chilly mornings.

Easier to Tow

Because they are lighter than a travel trailer and fifth wheels, they are easier to maneuver and pull. Which saves on gas. You also won’t need to upgrade to a heavy-duty tow vehicle. A typical SUV would be sufficient. Be sure to check your manual for your tow limitations.

Buying Used

Beware, this not only applies to Pop-up campers but all RV’s in general. Look for any structural and water damage. Pop-ups are more prone to bent frames because of there design. Mold can also be an issue. Be skeptical of deals too good to be true.

NADA (National Automobile Dealer Association) for current market prices in your area (kind of a blue book for RV’s).

Do Pop-up Campers Have Bathrooms

Know Your Tow Limit

Check your tow limit in your owner’s manual. Even though this is a lightweight camper, you don’t want to push the tow limit.

RV and Camper Weight Basics-

  • UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight) – Weight of camper when purchased. Includes units axles, tongue(hitch) and full Propane Tank
  • CCC (Cargo Carrying Capacity) – Specifies the amount of weight available for fresh water, cargo, and optional equipment.
  • GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating) – Maximum weight of all cargo that can be safely supported on the axels.
  • GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Ratio) – Includes weight of hitch or tongue and the total weight of vehicle carrying capacity(all cargo in the vehicle)

Final word

The perfect kind of pop up camper will depend on plenty of factors that are particular to every buyer. You will have fewer choices if you wish to have a dry bath or a wholly enclosed one, although you can find both pop-ups. There are plenty of pop-ups with wet bathrooms, and it is available in a smaller a camper. Thus, if you are searching for a little pop-up camper with a bathroom, the wet bathroom one is the ideal option.

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