My 12 favorite RV kitchen gadgets and appliances

1.George Foreman Grill

I use this little grill for so many dishes. Perfect for 2 people. Probably too small for a family of 3 or 4? Although that wouldn’t matter if you’re making waffles or pancakes. Saves on propane, easy to clean, doesn’t take up much space.

The clamshell design simultaneously heats the top and bottom of food surfaces. This eliminates the need to flip food. The lower surface of George Foreman Grill is angled which allows the juices and fats to drain through. The removable drip tray clearly shows the amount of fat drained from food. I purchased separately, a deep dish pan which allows me to bake foods like chicken breasts, potatoes, biscuits, even pizza.

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George Foreman grill

Cinnamon Rolls in the George Foreman! So easy!


Here is a list of meals I like to make using the George Foreman –

Johnsonville Brats – (my husband’s favorite dinner) he used to cook the brats on the charcoal  grill. Now we only cook them on the George! They just taste so much better.

cooking brats in a george foreman grill

Waffles– I use a Amish waffle mix that I stocked up on when we were in Shipshewana Indiana.

Hamburgers -Hot Dogs – Chicken Parm – Salisbury Steak – Sweet Potatoes 


2. Immersion blender

The immersion blender is one of my most used gadgets in my little RV kitchen. It can chop, blend, crush and puree without creating a mess. I use it to blend sauces, soups and gravies. Click Here for Current Price

When you are using a strong immersion blender, you can be able to blend cooked vegetables and potatoes among many other foods. Some immersion blenders are only meant to blend liquids and smoothies but stronger ones can blend cooked foods.

3. Large Cutting Board

Every RV kitchen should have one! I love this cutting board. I keep it next to the kitchen sink on top of two pot holders. The potholders keep it from sliding when I’m chopping or slicing.cutting board Click Here for Current Price It is easy to maintain and very easy to store when traveling.

  • Durable –  durable and it will give you service for many years.
  • Juice grooves – It has deep juice grooves which take care of running juices.


4. Electric Glass Kettle

Just as the name suggests, just plug in and you will get your water boiled in no time. I like it because it shuts off automatically when it reaches a full boil. I don’t have to worry about boiling a teapot dry if I forget about it. The electric glass kettles come in different designs to suit different users. I prefer the glass so I can see when it needs more water.

Electric Kettle

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5. Collapsible Bowls

Collapsible bowls are perfect for RVers for a couple reasons, silicone means unbreakable,  tight fitting lids means leakproof, lightweight and space saving. Everything an RVer needs and perfect for traveling.  Microwavable- Space Saving – Leak Proof – Durable

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6. Nutribullet Blender 

The Nutribullet blender which I use for my smoothies is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. They are ideal for making smoothies or grating cheese like parmesan. It’s compact and can easily sit on the countertop without occupying a lot of space. In an RV thats so important.

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However, a Nutribullet blender should never be confused with a juicer. With a Nutribullet blender, nothing is wasted. It is more efficient which results in smoothies which are rich in nutrients since every part of the fruit or vegetable is extricated.

7. Command Strips

I love the command strips for towels and pot holders. With them, I am able to maximize space in the kitchen which helps keep it organized. I also use them to hang our hats, jackets and car keys. Here’s a tip for RVers when traveling, put a Command hook on the dashboard on your vehicle to hold a plastic grocery bag for garbage.

command hook in a truck

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8. Clear Food Storage Containers

I like using these for my flour, sugar and cereal. They help keep my RV  kitchen organized and I know when I need to replenish since the food containers are clear which lets me see how much food I have left.

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9. Crockpot(Pioneer Women)

I must say I bought this because it was on sale. Over the years I’ve gone through many Crockpots, but none as pretty as this one. It works like any other crockpot. It has 3 temperatures, warm, low and high. I have an Instapot which I’m pretty sure every RVer has. Still, I prefer a crockpot. Maybe because that’s what I grew up with, having beef roast with carrots and potatoes on Sunday.  It’s simple and easy, 5-7 hours later dinner is served. Not to mention how good it smells while it cooks all day. Yes, this is one of my favorites. (I know, they all are my favorites, what can I say? crockpot Click Here for Current Price

10. Refrigerator Bars

This will keep the contents in place while traveling. Click Here for Current Price

11. Lunatec Odor-free dishcloths

These dishcloths are wonderful, they dry quickly and are antibacterial. I love these dishcloths!

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12. Refrigerator Thermometer

It monitors the temperature of your refrigerator so that food doesn’t go bad and know that your refrigerator is working properly. Every RVer should have one!

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Well, there you have it, my 12 favorite Kitchen tools, gadgets, appliances? I should also say they are the most used in my little RV kitchen. The hardest part for me when downsizing from a home with a good sized kitchen to an RV size kitchen was letting go of my Cookbook collection, big appliances (food processor, pink KitchenAid Stand Mixer (loved), lots of pots and pans and more. I handed them over to my daughter who is kind enough to store them for me. This list will be updated often I’m sure. I do love kitchen gadgets! Thank you for stopping by!

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Happy Cooking!

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