What to consider when deciding between a travel trailer or a fifth wheel…

The only experience we had was camping in a tent. It was a good tent. That’s it! We also had great sleeping bags and an old Coleman stove. Now we’re about to purchase a home on wheels to live in Full-time! Crazy, I know!

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We really learned a lot watching RVers youtube videos. What they liked, the mistakes they’ve made and what they would do differently.

Bill and BonnieGoing to RV shows was also helpful with pricing, size and just the overall feel of the different styles.

We spoke to many RVers that attended the shows. One couple in particular who had been RVing for years shared what they had learned.

He was a retired semi truck driver, and they have owned travel trailers, motorhome, and a fifth wheel.

They were there to purchase a new fifth wheel. In his opinion, they were easier to tow and back up. Travel trailers had to much sway. Something we hadn’t considered.

After much research, we decided on looking for a used Mobile Suite 5th wheel, about a 32ft. We also wanted 2 AC/units and a fireplace. 

If you plan on staying in warm climates then 2 AC/units is a must.

We learned that Mobile Suites fifth wheels hold their value and they are a 4 season RV. New Mobile Suites are expensive. A travel trailer is more affordable.

toy hauler rv

The Mobile Suite fifth wheels undercarriage is enclosed, which helps with heating and cooling. No staples are used and the walls are the thickest in the industry.

Its built on a steel frame. I don’t know about other brands of fifth wheels.

Bill didn’t feel comfortable pulling a vehicle behind a motorhome, even though I really like the convenience of a motorhome.

 You always have access to your kitchen and bedroom for an overnight stay at a Walmart, you don’t have that luxury with a fifth wheel. You do with a travel trailer.

A fifth wheel has less storage than a travel trailer. But the ceilings are higher in a fifth wheel.

fifth wheel

The gas mileage is better in a travel trailer, they don’t weigh as much.

You also have to take in consideration the size of your family, will you be full-time or just weekenders? Traveling cross country or just a few hours away? Many things to consider.

We finally found the RV we’ve been looking for, in Ocala Florida. We lived in Michigan.

Driving to Florida during the eclipse, big mistake!

But it was worth it, we purchased a 2008 Mobile Select Suite 36ft. fifth wheel. It was more difficult finding a used Mobile Suite than we had anticipated.travel trailer


Fifth Wheel or Travel Trailer?

truck and fifth wheel

I don’t believe there’s a right or wrong choice.

Just do your homework.

Never be rushed into making a decision. Never pay full price.

Make sure you check the age of the tires. I can’t tell you how many RVers told us they had old tires on brand new rigs!

Also, know if your RV has a spare tire. rv sign

You’ll know when you find the RV that fits your lifestyle. Enjoy the journey!

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