Why we chose a Mobile Suites (DRV) Fifth Wheel to RV Full-time

Our 2008 Mobile Select Suite Fifth Wheel

There’s nothing like life on the road, especially when you’re RVing. Once we finally came to the decision that this was the only type of lifestyle best suited for us, the next task was to find the right make and model of RV. It was never a question of what type we wanted, as far as whether driving a fifth wheel was best. We knew this setup was right for us.

Why We Chose to a Mobile Suites (DRV) Fifth Wheel to RV Full-time

Why We Chose a Mobile Suites (DRV) Fifth Wheel to RV Full-time

New curtains and Ikea sofa bed.

Class Bs would be too small for the two of us to do full-timing in our opinion, and Class As were more than we needed. As for a Class C, we didn’t want to be towing a vehicle on the backend while driving from the RV’s cab, and we didn’t want to go with just an RV and no car.

With the fifth wheel, we can just park, unhitch, and jump back in the truck to go exploring. It just felt more our lifestyle to have a house parked somewhere and a truck to drive.

Still, settling on the fifth wheel was, as we soon found out, just a small milestone of a huge research project. As this was going to be our full-time home for at least as many years in the future as I could guess, I wanted to make sure we invested wisely.

  We didn’t have time for trial and error, or frustration and discomfort. After all, getting rid of the stress was one of the reasons that made us become full-timers in the first place. It took longer than I wanted for us to decide on the right one but came to the happy conclusion that a used, 2008 Mobile Suite was the best fifth wheel for us. In retrospect, I’m so glad we were right.   Why We Chose Mobile Suites (DRV) Fifth Wheel to RV Full-time

What Makes the DRV Mobile Suites Stand Apart?

There are quite a few things to consider when your plan is to go living in a fifth wheel full-time. First, you have to think about all the possible weather conditions. You don’t want to freeze in the winter or plain old too hot in the summer.

And, for those who think they can just pick up and move when the weather doesn’t agree with them, real life isn’t always that simple. You may, for any number of reasons find yourself in a climate that’s not to your liking. The features and quality of the RV you choose should help to ease those times, not add to their frustration. Why We Chose Mobile Suites (DRV) Fifth Wheel to RV Full-time Likewise, we had to think of onboard living. In other words, we didn’t want to be always looking for solutions such as water hookups all the time. We wanted true freedom through an RV that could keep us in what we needed for daily living, even when we weren’t situated somewhere close to a lot of resources.

For us, the 2008 Mobile Select Suite was the answer to most of our needs including our budget. why We Chose a Mobile Suites (DRV) Fifth Wheel to RV Full-time

Mobile Suites Hold There Value

If you’ve been in the market for an RV for quite some time and have had a chance to get a good look around, you may have noticed that Mobile Suites (DRV) RVs tends to hold there value really well. Now some may see the price of a 2008 Mobile Suite as compared to newer models of different brands and wonder why they would buy used when they could buy new.

Of course, it’s always nice to have everything completely unsullied by others, but there are several good reasons why even a used Mobile Suite is better than new something else. Dollar-for-dollar get more value. And depending on condition Mobile Suites have a higher return for resale. Why We Chose a Mobile Suites (DRV) Fifth Wheel to RV Full-time

( Pic Above – We stopped along Lake Michigan in the Upper Peninsula to let Romeo stretch his legs)

The Mobile Suites are among the topmost solid-built RVs on the market right now. This fifth wheel can stand up to some very heavy use and still be in like-new condition. It’s because its made of quality materials and the features it contains makes living in it a lot easier to manage.

This fifth wheel has a steel box tube chassis, giving it a strong foundation. Also, it’s made of some great heavy-duty aluminum, and I mean it’s reliably bolted together. All this, and still the RV itself isn’t too heavy as far as towing it goes. Mobile Suites has an interior look and feel that can make any new full-time RVer feel right at home. It gives all the space and amenities we need.

There are two air conditioners, which is a major plus for us, plenty of storage in the kitchen as well as throughout, and the curved shower is roomy. This RV has what RVers want, and that’s what helps this older model stay in-demand.

Water Capacity

Why We Chose a Mobile Suites (DRV) Fifth Wheel to RV Full-time

2008 Mobile Suite Fifth Wheel

If you’ve ever gone RVing for any significant amount of time, then you may already know just how important water capacity can be. There are a lot of newer fifth wheels of the same length that don’t even come close to what the Mobile Suite can hold, and yet they cost twice as much. Our Mobile Select Suite fifth wheel holds a generous 100 gallons of water.


I mentioned, choosing this RV wasn’t easy. We spent months comparing features and looking at various models and brands. I think it was worse than when buying a piece of real estate. As we knew we’d be on the road, and that this inherently comes with certain additional risks versus staying put, we paid extra attention to detail in performing our search.

And, well, it really paid off. If you’re up for living in a fifth wheel full-time, I highly recommend, any of the Mobile Suites to you. Although I believe 2008 was the last year they manufactured the Mobile Select Suites?

We had a difficult time finding our 2008 fifth wheel. If you’re lucky enough to afford a New Mobile Suite RV, I guarantee you will love it!


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